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How To Stop Overthinking

How To Stop Overthinking

I get asked about many things on social media but none more so than topics about avoiding procrastination and overthinking. While many of the most successful minds are constantly running, the pitfall of overthinking can stunt the most creative entrepreneur. In short,...

6 Motivation Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals

6 Motivation Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals

For the majority of us, saving money is not always easy. While we know the value of saving for the rainy days, doing so requires dedication and discipline. Plus, staying on track with your finances can be challenging.   That's because there will be unprecedented...

8 Tips for Working From Home Effectively

8 Tips for Working From Home Effectively

Nowadays, businesses need to integrate modern technology into their operations. As such, we see more and more employees working from home.   This setup may look admirable. However, being an effective remote employee requires self-discipline. To do that, you will...



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The People We Leave Behind

I was six years old when I learned to forget important people. It started with Michael, who exists now only as a memory that I struggle now to hold on to. Michael was my best friend for my first two years of school. I remember vaguely learning to read alongside him, one of us stepping in to help the other with a new word if we were struggling. As far as kid friendships go, I think Michael and I had developed a pretty good one. I remember the day we decided that we were best friends.

Then on a day like every other, my mom told me that I would be changing schools. I couldn’t have realized how transformative this experience would be. I do however remember asking what would happen to the friendships I’d developed. To which my mom responded that we would try to keep in touch, but that I would make new friends at my new school.

In the years that followed, I changed schools five times. The friendships I left behind were never enough to sway the decision in any meaningful way. By the time it got to me, the decision had already been made. The relationships that I had formed — relationships that would go on to form my understanding of relationships in general — were mere casualties of the move.


DJ Jeffries

Founder & Editor

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