Your Light — A Poem (Listen/Read)

Our thoughts, dreams, and impulses are

but glimpses into our soul

outputs and visions into ourselves

that are both timid and bold

Silent and voluminous,

the brave dare to listen.

The fearful beg for parting,

they thrive in the distance.

Wielding to an illusion,

all their power is lost

Everything that makes them special charged

Their uniqueness pays the cost.

As they wander around the world,

They decide in isolation

They hitch their ship on shadows

to give them justification.

And of all these things

perhaps the worse of all,

their soul cries loud and mighty,

but they ignore the call.

It may be tempting then

to think all hope is gone.

Many fall victim to this world,

but some like you are strong.

A light that burns within your heart

shines bright for all for see

The marginalized, abused, the hurt —

your light will set them free.

The world can be as dark as night,

as cold as arctic snow

But like a tunnel after its darkest point,

the light will surely show.

The glimpse we have into our soul

can guide us if we choose

And light a spark onto the world

that nothing can defuse.

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