You’re More Special Than You Know

There’s something special about you, but you might not see it yet.

Truthfully, there might be a good reason for this. Special by definition means better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual. The things that are the most special about us are often the things we overlook. One reason for this is that many times these unrealized gifts and talents have been with us all of our lives.

We dare ask ourselves how can we know if something that’s been with us all along is special? How do we separate what are uniquely our gifts against what is definitively usual? One of our most significant gifts is all around us and it starts with the way each of us views the world. Just by seeing and interpreting the world, you are expressing a gift.

It’s true that no one on this planet sees the world exactly as you do. Your uniqueness is a gift worth sharing. You bring something fresh to every situation you’ve ever encountered, and this world needs you now more than ever. You’re the only one of your kind that we’ll ever get. Be present and be proud to be you.

There’s something special about you, and if you couldn’t see it before, I hope you can see it now.

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