Whether for career or personal growth, mentors play a critical role in individuals looking forward to achieving high success levels. A mentor is a person with unique skills and knowledge whom you may need to motivate and educate you. You may need a mentor for career, personal, and business growth. Mentors guide less experienced individuals through a learning process by modeling positive behaviors to enhance their productivity and make them better. The only difference between coaches and mentors is that mentors do not receive payments for their mentorship services. Mentors enjoy sharing their experiences and challenges to help others. They enjoy the challenge of passing wisdom to other people. But why do you need a mentor?

Whether for career or personal growth, mentors play a critical role in individuals looking forward to achieving high success levels.

Mentors motivate

One reason you need mentorship is that mentors will help in tuning and transforming your vision. They will offer new ideas and insights to challenge you. They will ensure your vision is beyond your natural thinking. A mentor will elevate your visions by enhancing your thinking capabilities. They offer their experience as a platform and knowledge for you to grow. With the right mentor, he or she will elevate and motivate you and open up new opportunities for you.

New challenges

Unlike when working on your growth alone, a mentor will push you to go further. They will ensure that you do not settle for less by challenging you to go beyond what you can imagine. A mentor will guide you to your path of success by assuring you everything is possible. They will advise on what steps to avoid and which direction to take to ensure you succeed.

Mentors protect

The main reason you need a mentor is for protection. By protection means they will advise you on how to avoid problems in your path to greatness. They know the hurdles on your path and will warn you and offer the right advice. For example, if you are in business, they will ensure that you do not make business mistakes that may hinder your success. This is what mentorship protection is all about.

Mentors advise

Another reason why you need a mentor is advice. Mentors will share their life lessons, which you can learn from and enhance your productivity. They will use their life journey experience and ideas to paint possible pictures in your growth. Most importantly, a good mentor will never quit believing in your capabilities and encouraging you. They will advise you accordingly and ensure that your visions come to reality.

Constructive criticism

When it comes to career, personal, and business growth, your family and friends may hesitate to tell you the truth, for example, when you are going wrong. This is where the need for a mentor comes in. A mentor offers positive and constructive criticism to strengthen your weak areas. This way, you will know what to work on to enhance your growth in whatever you do. Without positive criticism, it is not easy to grow and reach your goals.


With the many benefits of mentorship, it is essential to ensure that you are working with the best mentor. But what is the process of finding the right mentor? The following tips will land you the best mentor. Whether for personal, business, or career development, you will find one that suits your needs.

Know your needs

When looking for a mentor, know that not every mentor out there will suit your needs. For example, if you need career growth, do not go looking for a business mentor. You need to look for a mentor in your field or one that will help you grow. This way, you will receive the right guidance, motivation, and protection that you need to reach your goals.


In life, it is not all about what you know but who you know. You need to identify potential mentors. Start networking with people in your area of interest. Grow your network. Look for people who have the type of business you want to start or a job you wish to occupy. Find people that inspire, motivate, and make you hungry for growth. You can find your potential mentor anywhere. All you need is to focus on people who are successful in whatever you are looking for, and you will surely find someone ready to mentor you.

Build a good relationship before mentorship

It is not advisable to go asking strangers to be your mentor. Instead, you need to grow a relationship with them first. Find smart and respectable ways to hunt down your potential mentor. Start small; for example, look for them and introduce yourself – not as a mentee, but as a person. Start a conversation on a personal level and ask for their phone or email. Whether the introduction was a success or not, do not tire to make some follow up. The chances are that a potential mentor will reply to your call or email. From there, you can start a conversation about your career, personal growth, job positions, current events, etc. – anything that will get the relationship running. Once there is a strong bond, you can go on and ask for mentorship.

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