They wanted to see more positivity in the world so they created it.


Led by Chicago Native Eric Joseph, a group of over 30 people flash mobbed street performers in order to spread kindness and positivity.

Eric says the idea was inspired by his father who leads a small group at their church. The group dedicates a few days a month to going out and spreading love, encouragement, and faith. Further, Eric tells us that his father’s group did this exact concept off camera a few months before and told Eric how impactful it was. As a result, Eric tried it with his group. Lucky for us, he got in on video for the world to enjoy.

When planning the video, he says “I knew it would be a great video that could go on and inspire even more people so we got a group together and made it happen!”


Spreading Support & Attention


He writes on his YouTube video description:

We have all seen talented street performers not getting the support and attention they deserve! Maybe they’ve been working up the courage for months to finally take a leap of faith and share their art with the world. The problem? Once they get going, no one is there willing to listen or support them. That’s what we wanted to change! My squad spent the whole day spreading love and positive vibes encouraging street performers and giving them the support they deserve!

Eric is a Chicago Native and wrapping up his final semester in the Masters of Social Entrepreneurship program at the University of Southern California. He is a Chicago native, passionate about mentoring inner-city youth. Moreover, he has also started multiple after-school programs catered to helping this demographic. Eric is newly married and has a Cocker-Spaniel Puppy named High Fashion. Above all, Eric is inspired by his family and his relationship with Jesus!

“Even though we all have different beliefs and viewpoints… there are 101 reasons for us to come together and celebrate those differences and to embrace diversity.”

Advice for Our Readers


We reached out to Eric and asked our usual question, “What’s one piece of (self-improvement) advice you’d offer to our audience?”


His response: Rest! Nothing comes without hard work but if you don’t dedicate special time in your week to rejuvenate, recharge and relax, you’ll burn out.

In conclusion, our message to Eric is to keep spreading positivity and you’ll never lose!

Watch the Video Below:



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