Remember to breathe.

In, out. Go with the flow.

Remember to blink.

but don’t let go.

How do you act natural

When naturally you’re lost in thought?

I’d give anything for you to give me

the reason you looked my way

The reasons you crossed my path,

the reason you chose to stay

Just how hard you’d make my life,

you couldn’t possibly have envisioned

But your beckoning essence, your magnetic glance

leads to premonition.

Like deja vu, a vision

so familiar yet so distant

fleeting yet begging to be held

and gone within an instance.

There’s something peculiar about falling helpless to the commands of your heart as your mind tells you to run the other way.

How quickly one can forget that the heart knows,

but it does not ponder.

It feels,

but does not question.

It moves in every direction,

but it does not move on.

And because one’s heart and mind rarely align,

you’ll forever find yourself in a battle

over which to lend your allegiance

And which to leave behind.

But no matter what

Remember to breathe.

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