I strongly believe that we are called into this world to love. I believe that every day and every act is an opportunity to do the right thing. Realizing I’m not perfect (far from it), I am so grateful for all the grace that I have been given. If I can give even a fraction of the grace, I’d know accomplishments like I’ve never known.

God is love. I forgive anyone who may have hurt me, conspired against me, destroyed me. I love you and I hope that you too can find it in heart to love. Because God found it in the heart to forgive us, even as we conspired and worked towards God’s destruction.

I don’t deserve grace and yet it has been gifted. For this, my mind can’t imagine a suitable repayment.

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DJ Jeffries is a self-proclaimed “intrapreneur” and entrepreneur with an obsession for challenging the status quo. A graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, he’s been awarded the Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Fellowship, the University Innovation Fellowship (through Stanford University) and the Richard B. Fisher Fellowship (Morgan Stanley). He is the founder and editor of , an online motivation publication, the host of the Hacking Happiness podcast, and is currently an HR Innovation Analyst at Morgan Stanley.

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