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These are our current course offerings for you to take at your own pace. If you have any questions, please reach out to dj.jeffries@led2win.com or to your L2W coach.

Setting Goals

Success starts with a goal. In this module, we discuss the importance of goal setting and how you can set goals.

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Improving Focus & Productivity

Staying focused and productive is a challenge for many of us. In this module, we discuss a few ways to improve your focus and productivity.

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Finding Purpose

We believe that each of us has a purpose in life. In this module, we discuss some strategies you can implement to find yours.

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Leaders are not born, they are grown. In this module, we discuss key leadership concepts and practices to help you become a better leader.

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Building Relationships

No man or woman is an island. In this module, we discuss ways we can build strong relationships that are mutually beneficial.

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Career Development

For most of us, our careers are our livelihood. In this module, we discuss important ways to thrive in the workplace and grow as a professional.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. You may not be able to avoid it, but you can get better at handling it when it arises. In this module, we discuss ways to manage conflict.

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Spirituality often get conflated with religion – but it is not the same. In this module, we introduce you to spirituality concepts and offer practical ways that a spiritual practice can help you be more successful.

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