Every day we walk around carrying our hopes and fears for tomorrow, our regrets and celebrations of yesterday, and a strange indifference to the present.

We are more like passive observers than active participants

Because by the time we fully understand what the present has brought us,

it is probably too late

Is this the nature of emotions?

Always a second too late,

Always requiring some after thought,

or some reflection?

Or is our recollection

Just a form of protection?

To modify our introspection

Of our momentary disconnection

I often wonder why hind sight is 20/20

But foresight is often missing

Yet we spend more time predicting

and reminiscing than actually living?

Can I reflect on reflection

Remove the past protection

Resist the future projection

And be in the moment for a second

Can I be free

to be me?

For all the world to see?

To live without regrets,

without fear, without anger or jealousy

Can I chart a new path independent of where I came from or where I think I’m going?

Can one drive on a road and not know where it ends?

Can one treat the present as a gift that nothing can transcend?

Can I be free? Can I be me?

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