DJ Jeffries is a self-proclaimed “intrapreneur” and entrepreneur with an obsession for challenging the status quo. A graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, he’s been awarded the Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Fellowship, the University Innovation Fellowship (through Stanford University) and the Richard B. Fisher Fellowship (Morgan Stanley). He is the founder and editor of http://Led2win.com , an online motivation publication, the host of the Hacking Happiness podcast, and is currently an HR Innovation Analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Past Contributors

Megan Moore is a passionate writer who also happens to be a mom working in the field of higher education. When she has a rare free moment to herself, she enjoys running, reading, or gardening. Her hope is to never lose my love of learning  (she knows she’ll probably be that grandma taking college courses).

Dustin Perini is a young writer who enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with readers from all backgrounds. Some of his hobbies include playing sports, taking his dog (which by the way is the cutest dog we’ve ever see) to cool places, and working on his book.