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Deal With It Now or Suffer Later

One of the most frustrating parts of being a kid is that you look to adults to protect you. You glorify them for their strength, wisdom, and experience. You trust that they will be there to protect you from harm. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they aren’t. Over time, you learn that some of the things you think you need them to save you from, are actually things you’ll need to learn to face.

At the time of childhood, you don’t have the benefit of hindsight. So you go through the world dealing with bullies, debilitating feelings of not being good enough, and unmanageable emotions mostly alone. The adults watch with empathy. Yet, they silently acknowledge that these struggles become the very fabric of the human experience.

They recognize that how you deal with these experiences will determine how you fair in the world. But most importantly, adults know that it does not actually get easier, you get stronger. But only if you’re allowed to learn to deal with the challenges. The best adults coach and push you to be brave and to handle it on your own. For me, that was always a nightmare.

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The People We Leave Behind

I was six years old when I learned to forget important people. It started with Michael, who exists now only as a memory that I struggle now to hold on to. Michael was my best friend for my first two years of school. I remember vaguely learning to read alongside him, one of us stepping in to help the other with a new word if we were struggling. As far as kid friendships go, I think Michael and I had developed a pretty good one. I remember the day we decided that we were best friends.

Then on a day like every other, my mom told me that I would be changing schools. I couldn’t have realized how transformative this experience would be. I do however remember asking what would happen to the friendships I’d developed. To which my mom responded that we would try to keep in touch, but that I would make new friends at my new school.

In the years that followed, I changed schools five times. The friendships I left behind were never enough to sway the decision in any meaningful way. By the time it got to me, the decision had already been made. The relationships that I had formed — relationships that would go on to form my understanding of relationships in general — were mere casualties of the move.


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