5 Daily Habits of Happy People

A wise man once said that the only way to be happy is to create happiness yourself.

Happiness is generally a state of mind of how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Our thoughts, our actions, and our beliefs all play in a part in whether we are happy or not. To this point, there are many things that you can do to make yourself happy starting by ensuring the activities that you engage in actually make you happy. Here are 5 habits that may help you have a happier life.

Exercising Regularly

In the current generation, we move our bodies less and less and as a result, there are huge consequences both mental and physical for our bodies. Most of us mistake exercises for people who are obsessed with their bodies or people who are under medical attention which is wrong. As a matter of fact, exercises release endorphins and proteins in our brain which increases the feeling of being happy. This also makes us more productive during working days. Doing exercises is essential if you want to be happy in life. It is not a must that you exercise every single day. But you should aim to do it at least three to four times a week. Don’t worry if you have to start small: ten minutes of walking is better than nothing at all. Though some people spend their entire lives in gyms, it’s also good to give your body rest. But the more you exercise, the higher your chances of being happy in life. A tip for you is that you should have your favorite game to play so that you can be exercising regularly.

Don’t worry if you have to start small: ten minutes of walking is better than nothing at all.

Making time for sleep

Sleep is necessary because it restores energy as well as the emotional well-being of a person. Sleep plays a key role in making sure that you live a happy life. Researchers at the Harvard Medical school, have illustrated the importance of sleep in overall wellbeing.

Metabolism and weight: Lack of enough sleep leads to weight gain whereby the body is affected in the manner that it processes carbohydrates and, in turn, affect the hormonal level in the body thus affecting our appetite.

Learning and memory: What sleep does is that it assists the brain to restore new information through a process referred to as memory consolidation. A study showed that those who slept after studying performed much better at recalling information.

Mood: Lack of enough sleep results in the inability to concentrate, moodiness, impatience, and irritability. Furthermore, it leaves you tired and there are some things that you will not do well in life.

For a happier life, ensure that you get enough sleep so that your mind can rest. A mind is also a powerful tool and it needs rest just like other machines. If it’s not put to rest, then it will get tired of everything and there is no better way of doing this that having enough sleep.


Meditation is one of the best habits that anyone can participate it. It has many benefits among them increasing your focus, emotional resilience and better memory. Recent research also showed that meditating on a daily basis can rewire your brain to increase the levels of happiness permanently. In another research, it was discovered that meditation has the ability to treat depression, anxiety, hostility, overthinking and obsessive behaviors. Furthermore, meditation opens up your brain for fresh ideas thus you are able to think critically and make the right decisions in life. When meditating, you have a chance to reason out on difficult things and solve even problems beyond your imagination. There are so many articles out there that will guide you on how to meditate. For a quick tip, you should start meditating on a daily basis. A minute each day is good for a startup.

Eating better foods

The benefits of eating better are numerous, and being happier is just one of them.

This is a massive topic that many people have been disputing over and over again over the years. But the fact still remains that what you eat really matters and affects not only your moods but also your health. For you to have a happier life, you should put these into practice: drinking a lot of water, increasing whole grains intake, eating leafy vegetables and sweet vegetables. You should also try to eat less sugar, meat, and junk foods. Finally drinking less alcohol, coffee, and not using tobacco also contribute to a better mood. What you eat matters a lot for your emotional well-being as well as your physical well-being. By eating healthy foods, you can also reduce your chances of contracting diseases. The benefits of eating better are numerous, and being happier is just one of them.

Spending less time on Netflix (or TV)

While we know that most of what we see on TV isn’t real, we can still find ourselves longing for it in our lives.

This may sound crazy but the TV in your living room can make or break you when it comes to your happiness. Spending more time watching people and their lifestyles on television can actually lower your levels of self-esteem and energy. What we see on TV can deceive us by leading us to long for unrealistic lifestyles or comparing our lives to those we see in the media. While we know that most of what we see on TV isn’t real, we can still find ourselves longing for it in our lives. The final outcome, however, is often disappointment and frustration which will ultimately have a negative effect on your emotional state. When you spend less time watching TV, you’ll have more time to socialize with others, working toward your goals, and doing the things that bring you joy.

In summary, being happy is a state of mind and while there are several factors to consider, you can decide to do things that increase your chances of feeling happy. What you choose to do will surely determine your emotional state for the next day, week or even months.

DJ Jeffries is a motivation, wellness & lifestyle writer. He hosts the Hacking Happiness podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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