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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Life Coach

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Life Coach

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Life CoachThere are many people who may need a life coach to help them become more successful, productive, or happier. However, for many, the idea of life coaching remains mysterious. How can a life coach help me get to the next level and...

Winners: Quick Update

Winners: Quick Update

Winners, It’s been a while since I have last posted, but it’s not because of lack of trying. Like all of you, I sometimes feel unmotivated to do even the things I enjoy. In these few weeks, a lot has happened though. I got vaccinated. I travelled to the Western United...

The Key to Storytelling and Brand Expansion

The Key to Storytelling and Brand Expansion

I’m going to tell you a story that you may have heard before. The people behind Costco, the wholesale retailer headquartered in Washington state, pride themselves on putting customers first. Walter Craig Jelinek replaced co-founder Jim Sinegal in 2012 bringing a few...



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The People We Leave Behind

I was six years old when I learned to forget important people. It started with Michael, who exists now only as a memory that I struggle now to hold on to. Michael was my best friend for my first two years of school. I remember vaguely learning to read alongside him, one of us stepping in to help the other with a new word if we were struggling. As far as kid friendships go, I think Michael and I had developed a pretty good one. I remember the day we decided that we were best friends.

Then on a day like every other, my mom told me that I would be changing schools. I couldn’t have realized how transformative this experience would be. I do however remember asking what would happen to the friendships I’d developed. To which my mom responded that we would try to keep in touch, but that I would make new friends at my new school.

In the years that followed, I changed schools five times. The friendships I left behind were never enough to sway the decision in any meaningful way. By the time it got to me, the decision had already been made. The relationships that I had formed — relationships that would go on to form my understanding of relationships in general — were mere casualties of the move.


DJ Jeffries

Founder & Editor

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